Lou Doillon has inherited the long legs of her mother Jane Birkin

Through the choice of his photos, Lou Doillon is a tribute to her mom, and her endless legs of the mannequin from which it inherited (like Charlotte Gainsbourg ). “I’ve always seen and loved, but there has never been a merger. I’ve always looked at it and I love this place. I never wanted to take his place, to be in his shoes.” (Vanity Fair)

But his portfolio for mother’s day is also the occasion to celebrate his clan. Her sister, the late Kate Barry who tragically disappeared in 2013, has taken the first picture, immortalizing it with grace in the faces of his loved ones. In the following, Lou is reunited with her mother, Kate, and Charlotte. It highlights all the tenderness that emanates from their relationship, even if to find his place within this family of icons has not been easy. If we will bring it back tirelessly to her family – especially to criticize what she does – she remarked in an interview for Vanity Fair that it does in any case : not quite French, not quite English, not quite an actress, too Doillon, too mode… “I have consistently had a foot in the door while having the impression of having been on the walls all my life.”

Finally, the last picture highlights his one and only son, Marlowe (born in 2002), whose father is musician John Ulysses Mitchell. Lou Doillon has traced his route in parallel with the women in his life, his mother and his two sisters, but with their presence and support, always. His son does not intend to the cinema, for the moment, still smarting from his experience in front of the camera of his grandfather Jacques Doillon. According to his account Instagram – it seems no longer to feed for 2014 – it would have the taste for the drawing, like her mom…