Louis Vuitton unveils prototypes of bags with displays flexible

The latest advances in terms of screens, including flexible, will democratize their presence absolutely everywhere. A boon for the advertising… But not only ? The sectors that were least also seem to be interested in it.

It is the case today with Louis Vuitton. The famous French brand is experimenting with the integration of screens flexible in some of its products. During his recent fashion show organised for the presentation of the collection ” Cruise 2020 “, the firm has presented various prototypes of bags equipped with OLED screens on their flank. A well-known technology, that we find on our smartphones and televisions, which allows you to enjoy deep blacks and extremely high contrast.

The firm is not at his first attempt on the market of the technology of luxury. It has already commercialized its shows connected Drum Horizon of several thousand euros or headphones wireless.

The Drum Horizon

The OLED is in the heart of the news, because it is this type of slab is used on recent smartphones with screens foldable like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, or the next Huawei Mate X. It is much thinner than an LCD screen and does not require a backlight, which facilitates its insertion into tissue.

“For the first time, Louis Vuitton has created prototypes of its “canvas” with the most innovative to this day. Combining the technology of flexible displays the know-how of the Maison, the new canvas presents moving images in the form of some of the bags the most iconic of Louis Vuitton.”

The brand does not mention a collaboration with a manufacturer in particular (this is probably the chinese Royole), or even the price or the autonomy of these bags. They can display animated patterns and probably be compatible with a dedicated app. A concept strange to say the least, which could appeal it’s certainly not all the aficionados of the brand.