Love is in the pre – Aude single : with Christopher, it’s finished !

During his participation in The love is in the meadow 2018 (M6), Aude has attracted good number of viewers. But this is not all : the breeder of dairy cows had also found his half in the person of Christopher. At the balance sheet, in the face of Karine Le Marchand, the couple was more in love than ever, and had announced a big news : She was pregnant ! Today, these beautiful memories seem distant as suggested by the young woman on Instagram…

So that Aude seemed to be spinning the perfect love with her suitor met in the issue of dating, nothing is going to more today. This Friday 3 may 2019, on Instagram, she posted a photo on which are three pairs of shoes : his own, as well as those of her two children, Louanne, fruit of a previous relationship, and Raphael, born last January of his romance with Christopher. “It is better to be alone than badly accompanied… Manage my life of a farmer and mother is not easy, and is now even more complicated“, she wrote in the caption. And to add in a hashtag, the following words : “mom solo“, “deception“, “lies“, “my children, my life“.