Lucie Lucas away from his children for Clem : what reassures

On may 13, 2019, TF1 has given the kick-off of the season 9 of Clem. New adventures full of twists and turns to Clementine Boissier. On this occasion our confreres of Tv Entertainment and Tv Stars have interviewed Lucy Lucas. The actress of 33 years was entrusted on his three children : Lilou (born in 2010), Moïra (born in 2012) and Milo (born in 2018).

The beautiful brunette has recalled in Tv Leisure with her husband, Adrien, they had made the decision to leave Paris to settle in Britain. During the months of filming ClemLucie Lucas had to think of everything for his children to live in better situation. “Even though it is always difficult to leave when I go to work, I know that my children are in an environment that is fulfilling and that they are happy. I am organized : during the three months of filming, I see them one day a week. Then, I found full-time work. This is where that balance lies“, she told.

To Tv Star, Lucie Lucas has stated that his son was very radiant in the campaign and that”he ador[has] to be outside“. “Leave Paris has changed a lot of things. Now, when I come back to Paris, I am happy to be there, whereas before, I enjoyed more the city. It was a bubble of stress. At home, in the countryside, this is the happiness and it allows me to recharge myself“, she concluded.

Lucie Lucas will continue to be so serene if Clem comes back for a season 10. For the time being, it is not yet known if the series will be renewed. But the interpreter of Clementine Boissier has revealed that the sequel was being written.

The full interview of Lucie Lucas is back in the magazines, Tv Entertainment and Tv Star of may 20, 2019.