macOS 10.15 : future Music app would retain the historic functionality of iTunes

The future Music app of macOS 10.15 will not be an app Marzipan, confirm Guilherme Rambo and Steve Troughton-Smith. It will be so no the iPad version is adapted to macOS, thanks to UIKit for Mac, but a new version of iTunes ” degreased “. We should keep some of the historic functionality of the software, such as smart playlists, the management of the devices as well as CD burning (if).

iTunes in 2003.

This new Music app for macOS would focus more on reading and music management, as this is your primary use of iTunes, according to our recent survey (36%, ahead of “Nothing” to 30% and the management of iOS devices to 28%).

The icons of the apps Podcasts and TV for macOS.

Other features added by Apple over the years, and that eventually cause congestion in iTunes, should be available for use in other applications, such as Podcasts and Apple TV (read : The next apps Marzipan Apple could bury iTunes).