Madonna at the Billboard Music Awards : holograms for a huge budget

Unveiled on 17 April, Medellín has been interpreted for the first time by Madonna at the Billboard Music Awards, 2019, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Wednesday, may 1st. Two days before the opening ceremony, the american website wrote that the star of 60-year-old had paid $ 5 million of his own money for this service, heralded as “revolutionary“.

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In an impressive backdrop recreating a small village and a restaurant, city limits, Madonna and the Colombian Maluma evolve surrounded by dozens of dancers, but not only. On several occasions, the duo is joined by holograms of Madonna, in the various costumes she wears throughout the clip. Viewers therefore had the right to five Madonna for the price of one. The special effect, in any case in the version televised and broadcast on YouTube, works perfectly.

According to, Madonna had the ambition to deliver one of the “benefits television’s most ambitious” in the history of pop. Time will tell if she succeeded. The magazine Billboard, which has been able to question him in leaving the scene, Madonna has explained that he worked several months on this performance : “for Several months, yes. First it was necessary to explain to me the technology and then make a choice between virtual reality, augmented reality, a combination of the two… It requires a lot of time and preparation. It took two weeks to shoot my doubles, and then two more weeks to the rehearsals of the performance in itself, only, and an additional week in the company of Maluma.

In 2006, Madonna had already tried the experiment of a hologram performing at the Grammy Awards in company of the group to members of virtual imagined by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz. It was already successful, but far from the fluidity and richness that is deployed to Medellin.