Malika (The Island of temptation) : This “blowing cable” not seen on tv…

Malika has agreed to participate in The Island of temptation because Medhi had “a big lack of confidence“. “We quickly found them in a wheel (sic) endless. Our relationship is floundering. It makes me annoyed“, she confided to Tv Leisure. His companion, and she, therefore, flew to the dominican Republic in order to test their love. Their goal ? Do not succumb to the charms of the single.

The balance was more than positive for the lovebirds. During the camp fires, Malika saw no video of his man, which meant that he was wise. This situation would have reassured some of the candidates, but she had the gift to annoy the entrepreneur in concierge luxury 30 years ago : “It was a nightmare. A calvary. Also, I am swept up against the production in the second camp-fire of women. I would like to apologize today. I cracked up discovering that I had no video. I literally farted a cable. Everyone told me : ‘But be happy, if you don’t see videos of him, it is that it is square.’ But in my head, I said just the opposite. I’ve made a lot of films so incredible.

But Medhi has not failed. He even made the decision to leave the adventure prematurely, for his beautiful missed him. The candidate is 32-year-old also asked Malika in marriage. A big surprise for the latter. “With Medhi, we left on bases more healthy, more strong to last in time. Thanks to them, I am well in my pumps today. Also, everyone is invited to the wedding which will take place in late 2019, early 2020, “she confided.

If the adventure has been positive for her, the young woman does not hide that it has been “very complex” to live : “With Medhi, it is very fusional. To be apart like this, it’s hard. Meet with people you do not know, it is strange, but the singles have been kind and caring. Fortunately they have been there. The adventure would not have been the same without them.