Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti : pictures of their wedding at the church unveiled

Friday 10 may 2019, W9 broadcast the last episode of Marseille Asian Tour, centered on the wedding of Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti. After you have discovered a few images of their first meeting and their love story sometimes turbulent, viewers are entered into the heart of the matter.

Images of Julien Tanti preparing in his apartment with Kevin Guedj, Paga, Benjamin Samat, Nacca, Greg, Thibault Kuro or even Jessica Thivenin were revealed. The latter, who is pregnant with her first child, spoke of her future motherhood with her friends. For its part, Manon Marsault is prepared with Carla, Milla, Maeva or Alix. And the beautiful brunette of 30 years has had a big shot of stress. She had to carry scotch tape in the bottom of her dress so that it sticks well to the skin. But it was not transparent, she was so afraid that it shows. With the stress, the bride-to-be could not hold back his tears.

Fortunately, her girlfriends were there to reassure her. Direction of the church then for THE big moment. It is on the song Hallelujah that Julien Tanti entered the arms of his mom. The mother of Tiago (9 months) is she back in the arms of his father. The lovebirds have said “yes” in front of their loved ones, very excited.

This is the last weekend that Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault were married. An event that his guests and all of them have shared on social networks. This took place in three stages : a ceremony at the town hall, on the beach, and then to the church of Cassis. It has been discovered that Jul made the show… joggin’ !

The entire wedding will be available on 6Play on 17 may 2019.