Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti : The anniversary outside the norm of their son, Tiago

At 1 year, Tiago Tanti, son of the stars of the reality tv Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti, already has 520 000 followers. Star grass, which can already boast of having been the main character of his own show, Manon + Julien : Baby Fraté, the little boy had the right to a first birthday out of the ordinary. His parents have put the small dishes in the large.

Tiago has been spoiled, it is the least we can say. In addition to his many gifts – games of awakening, figurines Fortnite, stuffed animals or even huge 4X4 miniature, his parents have done everything to make it fun like a madman. The theme of the anniversary was Tigger, and almost everything has been prepared in orange and white.

To make the show, Manon and Julien have therefore hired people to wear costumes of iconic characters from cartoons like Tigger, Pat Patrol and Pyjamasques. Tiago has also had the chance to ride in a minivoiture of police, to patrol also.

In the garden, many inflatable games have been made available to children, like a giant castle. The children could also do some fishing to the ducks, indulge in the game of shuffleboard, spend some time at the machine with pliers or playing basketball. Many of the guests were of course present, such as Paga and Maeva Ghennam that is just disguised as Tigger.

The most greedy, also had something to feast on. A buffet consisting of cakes, lollipops and other treats were available. In short, the anniversary was great and now that Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti will prepare for 2 years of Tiago.