Manuel Valls accomplice with Susana under the sun of Barcelona

Manuel Valls continues to pound the pavement in Barcelona, where he is a candidate in the local elections. He took part in the Spanish Grand Prix at the circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, on may 12, on the side of her new lover, Susana Gallardo. Despite the smiles, the former head of the French government knows very well that the situation is not properly engaged to him…

Since the announcement of his history of heart with Susana Gallardo (54 years old), a very rich heiress of the pharmaceutical laboratories Almirall, Manuel Valls (56 years), no longer hesitate to appear regularly at her side. His latest conquest has been married to businessman Alberto Palatchi, whose fortune was estimated by Forbes to 900 million euros in 2017, while he himself has been divorced from the violinist Anne Gravoin, after twelve years of love.

Thus, the couple was spotted under the sun of Barcelona, as assistant to the Grand Prix of Spain. It was the 1002e event of the world Championship of Formula 1 run since 1950. The lovebirds were able to applaud the new victory of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who took his third win of the season and the passage resumed the lead of the championship ahead of his teammate Valtteri Bottas. The pilot is offered the 76th Grand Prix of his career !

Manuel Valls must walk the streets of Barcelona one-to-one if it wants to convince more people to vote for him in the upcoming municipal elections which will take place on may 26th (at the same time as the european). For the time being, the former French Prime minister, supported by the liberal party, Ciudadanos, is not given fourth by the institute of government (CIS) with 12% of the vote. Far behind the mayor’s outbound radical left, Ada Colau, and Ernest Maragall, who is the candidate pro-independence party ERC (republican Left of Catalonia).

Thomas Montet