Marc Lavoine : Its companion Line Papin talks about her anorexia

Line Papin was the guest on the programme The Great Library (France 5), may 15, 2019, in order to ensure the promotion of his latest book, the Bones of The girls (Stock), released on may 3. His third novel has the theme of anorexia, a disease in which this young writer of 23 years was diagnosed when she was a teenager. “The bones are both present in the war, with the famine, and with the thinness of these people who had only a few grains of rice to feed. They are also there with the birth since there is a play on words with the waters of women, when we give birth, “explains the wife of Marc Lavoine.

During the third fight, with anorexia, since it is a disease in which one refuses to feed, and all that remains are the bones on the skin. It is true that this is really the thread of my book, “says the young novelist franco-vietnamese. “Anorexia, in the third phase. You have 10 years when you are leaving Hanoi, you arrive in the province, on the side of the Touraine. 15 years old, you are in Paris and you do not you feed more. What is it that is played at this time ?“, questions François Busnel, presenter of the program. “What is at stake at this time, it is a child that can not necessarily express what he feels“, she said.

Line Papin had detailed his unusual career when it was to Release, confident that it was installed in France at the age of 10 years with his family. “I wanted to lose weight to disappear“, explained the young woman. Line Papin is in a relationship for several months with Marc Lavoine, 56 years old. An age gap important in that it provides not to see : “This is not how I understand life. Everyone does what he wants (…) I’m not going to spend my time to do the pimpernel. The people are smart, they understand.”