Marc-Olivier Fogiel : The adorable gesture of his daughters for Mother’s day

Last October, before the cameras of Seven to Eight (TF1), the author of what is it my family ?, book, in which he recounts his career, has delivered on his relationship with his daughters born by a surrogate mother. “The story is extremely simple. My girls know how they were born, “he confided. In the aftermath, Marc-Olivier Fogiel was revealed to be a daddy gaga : “fatherhood has changed me totally. If you ask me, I’m first a dad. Since they are born, I believe that I’m crying every day. The words, small drawings, I love you, the first time I drop them to school. I cry every day. It’s been a lot of laughter from my husband.

At the same time, in exclusive for Purepeople.comhe had confided his wish to have a third child. “Mila and Lily would like a little brother. There are times where they have less desire than others. Before the summer they wanted to kick. I’d like to have a large family. Have three or four children, “he said.