Marina Foïs on red carpet : “there is a misunderstanding… I’m a failure”

Veteran of the Cannes film Festival , where she comes regularly defend the movies, Marina Foïs will be there this year as a member of the jury. It is part of those who will have to decide between the works of the section A certain regard, a category parallel to the official competition , which put into perspective a cinema original and daring, rewarding filmmakers that are still little known. The challenge delighted the French actress of 49 years, film and cinévore. She made the cover of the magazine It book and her confidence, in particular on a passage from the Croisette, the red carpet.

When asked if she will lend itself to the perilous exercise of the red carpet at the Cannes film Festival, the former member of the Robins wood replied : “there is a misunderstanding : we, the actresses, we don’t have perfect bodies, faces perfect, there are wrinkles, there are dark circles… It is neither holy nor models, we are women. Me, I’m null at the red carpet. I know pose with a photographer, but put the hand like this, like that ? No, I am not able to lose my second degree at this point.”

So far, Marina Foïs do not sulk pleasure of wearing beautiful outfits : “I love the clothes. I love to see people dressed up, they have a sense of themselves, a pleasure to be here. We are also of gules and of the body. I’m lucky, one day, Nicolas Ghesquière [the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, editor’s NOTE] I was invited to a show, we became friends and I have the privilege to be dressed by him. Fashion is a field that seems more futile than others, but life without futile it would have no interest.

Check out, for the occasion, in our slideshow, the looks of Marina Foïs at the Cannes film Festival in recent years.

Read the full article in the magazine It may 10, 2019