Marine Lorphelin recalled to the order by a fan : mea culpa and development

Marine Lorphelin regularly shares his daily life with his subscribers on Instagram. No less than 573 000 people follow it and often, nothing escapes them. A user, for example, has traced the straps of the Miss France 2013, having found a video that had not been rained on.

Marine Lorphelin has published images of her in a taxi. And a detail has not escaped its subscriber in question : she had not fastened his seat belt. He therefore sent a message to change this bad habit : “Hello, I allow myself to send you this message because in your car in the rear, you need to attach. It is important, especially for a influenceuse and medical preparation, which sees the horrors in the er isn’t it ?

The young woman of 26 years has taken the time to respond to him and reveal their exchange in the story. After his mea culpa, the girlfriend of Christopher wished to make a small point : “I received ds dozens of messages… Then yes, you’re right, I’ll change this bad habit not to attach myself when I take a taxi ! It is necessary to show the example here above. But I would like to emphasize that everyone must lead by example, not just because I am a doctor and influenceuse. And for those who send me messages that are violent, calm down.

The message is passed.