Marion Bartoli : “I love you my life,” the soft words of his beloved Y. B.

Marion Bartoli is a woman in love and she wants everyone to know his fans. On his account Instagram followed by 31 000 subscribers, the ex-sports car 34-year-old was posted on may 10, the catches of small sweet words written by his new companion, a certain “Y. B.”.

I love you Marion” or “I love you my life“, one can read on the white pages of a block-notes of the very chic hotel – recently boycotted by several stars – Meurice, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The signed words of the initials Y. B., companion of Marion Bartoli, a belgian footballer. A large brown she hope to marry one day, but she doesn’t want to officially reveal the identity even if it is now an open secret…

Truly enamored of his new companion, come to hunt the bad experience left by her ex-husband, who made her live hell, Marion Bartoli has accompanied the publication of his message. “Me too I love you my love. Thank you #HotelMeuriceParis I will never forget that moment when I discovered these little words !!“, she commented on.

Last April, while she was promoting her autobiography titled Reborn (Flammarion), Marion Bartoli had made a few confidences on his love life in the micro Evoking a past relationship that is very toxic, she said : “I have had the chance to meet someone who is so totally opposite of this person with which I lived that, now I know what really represents the feeling of being in love with someone and loving someone. And I realize how much I didn’t like this person with whom I have lived because I do not feel at all the same thing at the bottom of me today compared to what I felt at the time.

Thomas Montet