Marion Bartoli in love with a tall, brown-haired, muscular : “We hope to get married end of 2019”

Marion Bartoli is no longer a heart to take. The former tenniswoman 34-year-old is making love to a mysterious boy, as she recently explained to the microphone of Purepeople. “I have had the chance to meet someone who is so totally opposite of this person with which I lived that, now I know what really represents the feeling of being in love with someone and loving someone“, confided she. A man much different from her ex, a English that she called D., that made it plummet into anorexia.

This time, it is in the pages of Closer that Marion Bartoli says more about the man who makes her happy. We already know that he is a footballer, of belgian origin, “thetall, brown-haired, mediterranean type, muscular with a nice tablet of chocolate“, slid it Closer. “Today, I sharing the life of a man, sport, also, that returns to me a positive image, who is proud of me, of what I am doing, my body. You are responsible for your appearance more easily when you compliments all day“, she explains. The one who has lived through hell with her ex-boyfriend flourishes today, therefore, fully with his beautiful athlete.

A happiness so pure that Marion Bartoli is already planning big things. “We hope to get married end of 2019 and to start our family next year, “says-t it Closer. In addition to providing for a wedding, the winner of Wimbledon talks about his desire to become a mom. We wish her much happiness !