Marion Bartoli in a relationship with Yahya Boumediene : the First photos of the lovers

Photos that are a pleasure to see. Marion Bartoli is in love and seems more fulfilling than ever. The champion was present in the stands at the International of France of Tennis of Roland-Garros in Paris on may 22, 2019. And she was accompanied by her lover, the belgian footballer Yahya Boumediene. If they never formalized their relationship, the gestures of the tender that they have to the other party do not deceive.

Without saying his name, it’s been several weeks that Marion Bartoli has confirmed to be in love. And since then, we were taught all the weeks a little more about the identity of his companion. Closer revealed recently that the young man was a “big brown muscular”. Le Figaro said more, specifying that he was a player and a belgian. Finally, last may 10, the winner of Wimbledon unveiled in story on Instagram the initials of his companion on a soft word to her left. One could read the cliché “I love you Marion” and “I love you my life”.

With all of these items, the identity of the large brown was less and less secret. It is the belgian footballer Yahya Boumediene. The handsome 29-year-old currently plays for FC Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland. And after Yahya may soon change the club and join a team of D2 of Istanbul. The player and the club are in “advanced contact”.

After a relationship is toxic , who had left destroyed, Marion admitted in April last, the joy that she had to be again happy and in love : “I have had the chance to meet someone who is so totally opposite of this person with which I lived that, now I know what really represents the feeling of being in love with someone and loving someone. And I realize how much I didn’t like this person with whom I have lived because I do not feel at all the same thing at the bottom of me today compared to what I felt at the time“.

Side pro, all rolls also for Marion Bartoli who will be present throughout the tournament at Roland Garros in order to comment on the matches and interviewing players.