Marion Cotillard filming with her baby : “I’m aware of this luxury”

Movie Star and mother of the family, Marion Cotillard evokes this freedom that gives him his job in an interview to the magazine Marie Claire. The companion of Guillaume Canet, the father of her children Marcel (soon to be 8 years old) and Louise (2 years), explains how she has organized to turn while his daughter was still very small.

I’ve done two movies since my daughter was born, tells the story of Marion Cotillard. I was breastfeeding still, a good excuse to keep it with me. It is a luxury of which I am aware. I was able to breastfeed for over a year because I did not have, at the end of three months, to return to the office and having to leave them in a creche all day. And I’m well aware of this privilege, because I have friends that, they must leave their child.

If little Louise has, therefore, found the sets very soon, no question appears on the screen as in We will end up together, the result of the Small handkerchiefs, a film directed by Guillaume Canet and in which his partner takes over his role, in cinemas from may 1, 2019. “Oh, no, ” confirms the actress. Guillaume tried (laughs). But received a categorical refusal on my part. Why ? Because ! I didn’t even asked the question.” Despite the immense fame of their parents, Marcel and Louise are not exposed and remain protected. This does not preclude Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard to talk about them. In this regard, the actor and director confided in Paris Match : “They will do what they want to do. I’m never going to ask them – or impose them – to turn in one of my films. I especially want to protect : it’s not easy being the child of two well-known people. The preservation of our secret garden is important. Okay, that said, our son, it didn’t heat up at all to have parents actors ! For the moment, he does not want to see any of our films.

Marie Claire, on newsstands on may 2, 2019.