Marvin (Moundir 4) lovers of Maeva : “It’s been two years that I’ve been waiting on that”

On Monday 13 may 2019, W9 kicks off the fourth season of Moundir and apprentices adventurers. It will include Marvin and Maeva, as revealed in “Secret Story” 10 (2016). Purepeople met them to ask them questions about their adventure.

The 26 year old woman and the 24-year-old had put in a couple in the House of Secrets, they had lived a love story for nearly a year. But in march 2017, they announced their break-up and had admitted among their fans not to be on excellent terms. What was their surprise to them discovering that they were going to share a new adventure together.

But Marvin hoped secretly that his partner would be his former girlfriend. The reason for this ? He wanted to get it back. “I have not had the click. I did not expect this film to go. There was that Moundir who would have been able to do in a way that I can recover it. It’s been two years that I’ve been waiting on that. I didn’t love him secretly, “said the young man.

Statements confirmed by Maeva. The latter has even stated that in the past two years, he had sent numerous messages that they are reconciled. “I didn’t trust. I was still stuck on what had happened at the time and I was trying to forget the past. So I told myself that this was not a good idea to leave him a chance“, she said.

But Maeva was eventually left a new chance : “We went out together three years ago, we were younger. And he was two years younger than me, so for a young man 21 years of age, it is normal to make mistakes and bullshit. But it has become a man. It was just incredible. It is an extraordinary person today.

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