Mathieu Johann : His tribute upsetting one year after the death of his mother

On Wednesday 8 may 2019 is a sad day for Mathieu Johann. A year ago, the former member of the Star Academy has lost its mom. This last has died of lymphoma. His son has not failed to make him a beautiful tribute on Instagram by posting the last letter that he had written.

My Mom. You repeated to me that he must die one day. You told me that right in the eyes, on your hospital bed, in full view of the Eiffel Tower, Saint-Louis. You want me to say but … you were not forced to be like everyone else. Since may 8, at 20h42, at which time I shut the door of the room 712 of the hospital of Saint-Lô, after having covered it with kisses, this is it. I’m an orphan. You’ve waited for me so to deploy your wings and fly. You were not obliged to be like everyone else. It was never told so much stuff these past few weeks. You gave me pieces of you novel of your life, you have told me about your odd jobs, grandpa’s in Indochina, to me when I was little and I enfouissais my head in your neck because I thought it smelled good, your neck. It was crazy. I’ve told you a thousand times how much I love you, I’ve never much embraced, as much worn, so much dreamed of. Mom, these last few days have been terrible. You have been so strong, so defiant, but you, like me, we would have preferred that it not happen, that it never happens. Ten years we went in the hospital. Ten years ago that you chiais blows of operations, transplants, morphine, médocs, chimios, remissions, relapses, hope. Ten years ago, death was prowling about… and you chassais kicked. Mom, my warrior, you must have been fucking brave, “he writes.

Thehusband of Clémence Castel then remembered a few memories, and shared how much it has been difficult to live for him and his family. He concludes his letter by saying that he was proud to be his son and that he loved her…