Mathilde Seigner mercilessly with his companion : “I don’t leave him anything”

It is very rare that Mathilde Seigner talks about his relationship with the cameraman Mathieu Petit. The one that is the movie poster neither one Nor two has delivered on its relation to men, in the pages of the latest issue of Paris-Match, released on may 29, 2019. She begins to deliver on the underside of his past history with the humorist Laurent Gerra, who she was as a couple from 1998 to 2001. “I’ve never been a great lover. I’m not very good with the men. Laurent Gerra said that I was attachiante. I’m not the kind of geisha, “says the actress of 51 years.

I’ve always had a tendency to a little undervaluing the men with who I was. I will not let anything pass, “explains Mathilde Seigner. And no question that it changes with her current boyfriend, Matthew Small. “I don’t leave him anything to spend not more, but as it is solid, it holds the road. It is a dad as wonderful and, in addition, very talented, “says the actress, who has walked in the steps of the Cannes film Festival a few days ago.

With Mathieu Petit, Mathilde Seigner welcomed a son, Louis, a boy of 9 years. “I learned to protect myself more, but as my son arrived very quickly – fifteen days after my encounter with Mathieu, I was pregnant – I have not had the time to take care of my entourage, my friends. This is not so bad indeed“, admitted to Psychologies magazine. An opinion she has reiterated in the pages of Paris-Match : “The arrival of Louis was a happy chance, a gift. I have just one child, it is all settled. I don’t regret anything.”

Find the interview of Mathilde Seigner in full in the latest issue of Paris Match, dated may 29, 2019.