Mathilde Seigner says it all : facelifts, his companion, his sister Emmanuelle…

Mathilde Seigner returns to the cinema in the comedy neither one, Nor two, the story of an actress who, as a result of cosmetic surgery is somewhat a dude, must make use of a look-alike. In this film, she plays two roles, two times more work, but one happiness for the actress to be very popular. In interview to Paris Match, she will be speaking on various subjects with his usual honesty, that this is on the cosmetic aesthetics, and his sister Emmanuelle or even his companion Mathieu Petit, the father of his only son, Louis.

The injections for the frown, it does not !

His feature-length film addressing the issue of passing time and the traces it leaves on the body, Mathilde Seigner reacts without taboo : “I do small things to try to stop the time, of the massages of the face and a little laser, but I’m afraid of needles and I can confirm that the injections for the frown, it does not ! I say today to [51 years] that I would never be lifting, but I’ll change it may be of the opinion in ten years.” There is not that the age with which it is not always easy to cope, the fame is sometimes a burden : “When it is known, we doubt the sincerity of the one who is in front. It is not known why people love you really.

Is it that they know, these women, the damage they do on his family ?”

Big mouth, Mathilde Seigner takes his shots shine and greet the few other people who don’t run. Corinne Masiero, “in the genre gaucho“, or Catherine Deneuve. It thus underlines his position to Roman Polanski, a filmmaker whose case of sexual assault on a minor is returned more beautiful on the mat with the move #MeToo. The actor feels all the more affected that the director is the husband of his sister, Emmanuelle : “I admire more than any [Catherine Deneuve] which has never ceased from [the] defend while all the good women, he fell over, without even knowing what they were talking about. (…) Is-what they know, these women, the damage they do on his family ?” Further, it will be in praise of Nicolas Sarkozy, found it courageous, since he “pulled out [his] brother-in-law from prison” : “this would be for that, and what he has done for my family, I respect him. I like Carla Bruni, first lady of great elegance that has always been able to stay at his place.

I don’t leave him anything

In the course of the conversation, we learn a bit more about the relationship between Mathilde Seigner and her sister Emmanuelle (52 years old), with whom she shares a taste for insolence, but their career did not follow the same path : “Emmanuelle was the beautiful, me the funny. What is senseless is that we have never proposed to run together. I would love to do The young girls of Rochefort today. Me, I would be Dorléac and Emmanuelle, Deneuve.” And don’t try to see any rivalry between them : “By chance we do not have the same job. Emmanuelle was not my side of farming, this is a real city.” The two women are even closer now since Matilda became a mother, twelve years ago. A child born when she was almost 40 years ago, with his companion Mathieu Petit, who managed to conquer the heart of this full-fledged woman : “I don’t leave him anything to spend not more, but as it is solid, it holds the road. This is a dad a wonderful and very talented.”

Read the full interview in the magazine Paris Match , 29 may, 2019

Neither one, nor two, in cinemas on the 29th of may 2019