Matrix : the reboot of the saga once again to speak to him

Credits Warner

The misunderstanding started a few days ago, while Chad Stahelski, producer of John Wick and the stunt coordinator about the saga Matrix is told about the next adventures of Neo in the site Yahoo Movies UK. According to the filmmaker, not only a new film would bethe and well planned, but in addition, the sisters Wachowski may already be involved in the project. An announcement which of course thrills all the fans of the trilogy.

“I am very happy that the Wachowski embarking on a new Matrix, and that they extend this universe that we love. If the quality of this new film is similar to what has already been achieved, it would be a phone call asking me to perform stunts for that I find myself on the shelf, knocked down by a car” – Chad Stahelski

Even if Chad Stahelski has tempered his remarks by admitting that he was “not sure that Lana (Wachowski, editor’s note) would be of the party”, the remarks made by the stunt man for Keanu Reeves had the merit of being clear. However, a representative of the director quickly stepped in, explaining to the website Slashfilm that the response of Chad Stahelski was purely hypothetical. According to him, there was nothing that could confirm the arrival of a new Matrix, and even less so the involvement of the Wachowski in such a project.

In the Face of these two statements, to say the least contradictory, the fans are asking now if the response from Chad Stahelski has been misinterpreted by the media, anglo-saxon, or if the filmmaker has himself a little packed for a possible sequel. Other theoretically possible, the fact that a sequel (or in this case a spin-off) performed by the sisters Wachowski is actually in preparation, but things are still confidential