Maxima of the netherlands: a Stroll in the fields of Ethiopia after the fever of seville

If the queen Maxima of the netherlands has been demonstrating his talents as a dancer sensual in the fervor caliente of the Feria of Seville, that it was found in may 2019, twenty years after having known the love of his life, Willem-Alexander, which is a whole other skill that she has developed in the wake of Ethiopia : its expertise in the field of financial services.

Leaving her husband and their three daughters after their beautiful getaway andalusian family last week, Maxima arrived in the evening of Monday 13 may 2019 in the democratic Republic of Ethiopia for a visit of two days, until Wednesday, 15, in the framework of its activities ofspecial ambassador (since 2009) with the secretary-general of the united Nations in the field of inclusive finance for development. While the countries that welcomes it implemented by year-end 2017, a programme aimed at improving the access to financial services for its citizens, the wife of king Willem-Alexander of the netherlands came to bring his expertise and assistance : as only 35% of Ethiopians have access to banking services such as savings, insurance, loans, or payment solutions, women and the rural population being most disadvantaged.

A graduate in economics and strong ten years of experience on various financial markets in the 1990s (prior to his meeting with the prince of Orange and future king), knowledge that it has invested in many initiatives since its entrance into the Dutch royal family in 2002, the Maxima of the netherlands began his mission by a meeting at the local headquarters of the UN in Addis Ababa, with several ministers of the government, united Nations partners for the development and representatives of the private sector.

Leaving the capital, she is then made on the ground, in particular to Debre Berhan, a hundred kilometers to the north, going out to meet with farmers who have developed a model of association to win-win with a brewery : it helps them to growing barley by providing seedlings, fertiliser or agronomical expertise, and then reimburses a part of the crop while buying, guaranteed, the rest. Discussing the middle of the fields a bunch of carrot greens, to the hand, the queen was able to collect information at the source.

Maxima is also interested in the solutions proposed by the company Belcash platform and mobile payment HelloCash, while only 12% of the payments are by way of digital in Ethiopia and that some of the steps such as the withdrawal of money are the cause of long queues. This is a stand with fresh fruit juice that she was able to discover the usefulness of HelloCash, may 15. Return to Addis Ababa, she met with the Prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, whom she had met at the last Davos economic Forum.

During this time in the netherlands, king Willem-Alexander made a visit, in uniform, with a diving group of the Navy on the 14th of may, and then opened the 15 a new park of wind turbines.

Friday 17 may 2019, the queen Maxima will celebrate its 48th anniversary.