Meater + : We tested the meat thermometer connected that revolutionizes the cooking

Credits Meater
No, the cooking of the meat is not a science approximate. It is in any case what wants to make us understand Meater, with the new thermometer is connected. Vegans believe refrain, and here we are talking about barbaque and big steaks well bleeding. After a first model out in 2016, the brand launches this year the Meater +, which promises “still more freedom in the kitchen”.

Meater +
Contents of the pack
- 1 thermometer connected to stainless steel
- A base magnetic signal repeater
- The base 157 x 37 x 28 mm
Probe 130 x 6 mm
- Bluetooth 4.0

- 10 m max between the thermometer and the base
- 50 m max between the base and the smartphone

Max temperature - Ambient : 275 °C
- To the heart : 100 °C

Battery - 1 AAA battery into the base of support (provided)
- 24 hours of cooking
- Battery indicator LED

Price 109 €

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Design & ergonomics

One often imagines the cooking thermometer as a rather ugly wire device, which smells good of the housewife of the 50s and professional kitchens. In terms of design, the Meater + is surprising. The probe is minimalist, and the wooden pedestal, discreet and elegant, is attached directly to the fridge thanks to its magnetised surface. The only (major) innovation compared to the first Meater of the name, the + version benefits from a significantly improved Bluetooth range : while the first model required to leave the phone within 10 meters of the oven to function, the Meater + allows, thanks to its base which acts as a signal repeater, to move up to 50 meters. A sufficient distance to carry on its activities while the oven is running.

In terms of use, the Meater + plays the simple card. The thermometer sticks directly into the meat before cooking, and stays there until it is cut. The whole technical part takes place on the screen of the phone. In principle, it is difficult to do anything less restrictive.

Another connected object?

Another connected object, another application that will clutter our smartphone to serve only three times a month. Clearly, the Meater + will not save our overweight or the memory of our phone (70 MB We won't cry either). But perfect cooking comes at a price, and when we talk about connected thermometers, a smartphone interface is not only much more intuitive, but also much more accurate and complete than a simple liquid crystal display. Moreover, by integrating the Meater + interface directly on the phone, it is a screen less that clutter the kitchen.

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Let's go to the table.

Once the Meater app (available on iOS and Android) is downloaded, the phone quickly pairs with the thermometer. After a proper account creation, let's get serious. Like the Meater +, the application is clear and intuitive, even for a novice cook. Simply select the type of meat (pork, beef, poultry, lamb or fish), then the desired cooking, from bleeding to well-cooked depending on the piece used. The choice is rather complete, and even allows to select a cooking adapted to pregnant women according to the recommendations of the USDA (U.S. Department of agriculture). In addition to all the default settings saved in the application, it is also possible to set your own custom settings.

Easter weekend requires, we had opted for a lamb roast. After entering the cooking parameters into the application, the thermometer is planted in the meat following the instructions wisely. It should be noted that the latter has to be deep enough, which requires relatively large pieces. Put it in the oven, the clock starts.

No need to detail the size or weight of the piece to be cooked, it is the temperature at heart that determines the accuracy of the cooking. The cooking interface is very simple, since it indicates the ambient temperature (inside the oven), the target temperature, and the core temperature. An estimate of the remaining cooking time is given as an indication, and proves to be rather accurate after some uses, although a little long to appear (it is necessary to wait for the heat of the oven to stabilise). During cooking, a graph tracking temperature curves allows to know in real time the state of the meat. A somewhat gadget feature, but which has the merit of keeping us busy while the roast takes on Colors.

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Can't forget the meat in the oven with Meater. An alarm sounds five minutes before the end of cooking, and as long as the app is open, a red and rather showy notification is constantly displayed on the phone. After 43 minutes of cooking, it's (finally) time to go to the table. This roast just cuts up and smells like success. The meat is perfectly cooked, caramelized on the outside, dew on the inside. The selected cooking since the application is perfectly respected. The photos speak for themselves, and spoiler alert, it's as beautiful as it is good.


From marinade to tasting, the Meater + is a total success. The subject is beautiful, and its use is simply maddening. The cooking is precise, perfectly mastered, and the application accompanies us during, but also after the cooking, with a bunch of Statistics a little gadget, but always interesting to consult.

In terms of price, the connected thermometer assumes its premium position, with a price of € 109 displayed on the official website. A rather large budget, which will rightly discourage the most novice in the matter, who hesitate about the real daily usefulness of a cooking thermometer. The Meater + is, of course, reserved for experienced cooks, who will appreciate its reliability and durability.

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