Meghan Markle and Harry : Archie, a name that they had already “liked” in public

Two days after the birth of their little boy, prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally revealed the name of their first child on may 8, 2019 at Windsor : Archie Harrison Montbatten-Windsor, a very different prognoses and that has surprised more than a follower of the royal family. But the young parents had they let slip a hint about their preference at the beginning of the pregnancy, to last fall ?

Barely had the announcement of the pregnancy she was made on October 15, 2018 that the duke and duchess of Sussex had flown for their first official tour in the Pacific. During their passage to Auckland, New Zealand, prince Harry had claimed to love the name Archie meeting a young boy came to greet him : “Harry asked us our names my sisters and me, we replied and he said, ‘Archie, I like that name’, was reported by Archie Somerville-Ryan on Channel 5. And then he said, ‘Come see Meghan, these people want to offer you roses’, because we had roses in our garden. And he introduced us to Meghan with our names and they seem to have acquiesced. I talked to my mother and she said to me, ‘Imagine if they call the baby Archie.’