Meghan Markle and Harry : a New distance with Kate and William

Would this be the end of the Fab Four ? Then we thought rabibochés, the princes William and Harry and their wives do seem to be decidedly more on the same wavelength. According to the information of the Sun released this may 30, 2019, the Cambridge and Sussex continue to take their distances by putting now an end to their collaboration at the Royal Foundation.

The son of prince Charles had founded this organization in 2009 to manage all of their campaigns and charitable initiatives. After her marriage with prince William, Kate Middleton had in turn joined the Royal Foundation in 2011. Meghan Markle had done the same just before her wedding with Harry in the spring of 2018. The two couples had then united their forces for a first event is attached ata forum, organised in February 2018, thus earning it the nickname of the Fab Four. But what was to be an annual meeting has not been the case that a single time.

The Sussex are not in a hurry to make the changes, but the Cambridge the are, said a source to the tabloid. Anyway, this is a complex procedure and very delicate.” Each one of them being godfather and godmother to various organizations and associations, William, Harry, Kate and Meghan would project to work alone or as a couple in the months to come. While waiting for the confirmation from the palace, this separation recovery of most beautiful the rumors of tension between the two couples.

Several months without seeing one

Things are very bad past between the brothers and they have not seen personally for a few months after the royal wedding [of Meghan Markle and Harry, editor’s NOTE]. The animosity to the topic of the articles of association, and silver, and Meghan has been that the separation of their houses had to be done much more quickly than anticipated, so maybe it was inevitable that their foundations are separate, too”, reported a source to the Sun. Remember that everything would be gone of prince William, which would have warned his little brother about the speed with which it is engaged to Meghan Markle. Doubts that Harry would have very poorly made. “Meghan and Harry want to do things differently than William and Kate. William is the future king and sometimes is more limited in its actions. The Sussex want flexibility for decisions to be more commercial.”

But the picture would not be so dark. The removal of prince Harry, and Meghan Markle at Frogmore Cottage, Windsor, in march last, has in fact helped to reduce differences. Now that they no longer live at Kensington palace with William and Kate, the Sussex take on their full independence family, with the birth of their little Archie last may, and administrative, with a royal office that is dedicated to them.