Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton moms : pregnancy month after month

The new royal baby was highly anticipated, it’s finally happened. Meghan Markle and prince Harry are the proud parents ofa little boy since may 6, 2019. This birth brings an end to the first-time experience for the duchess and the duke of Sussex : a pregnancy mediated. This experience, Kate Middleton and prince William know particularly well, since they have experienced it three times, almost always with a difficult beginning.

While Meghan Markle and prince Harry have announced the arrival of their first child on October 15, 2018, after their arrival in Australia for an official trip of two weeks, the duchess of Sussex has experienced a pregnancy rather quiet. The ex-american actress of 37 years was simply known as a drop shape during this move, and has been invited to rest by her husband. Apart from this tiredness, no particular fact to be deplored, Meghan Markle has chained the apparitions official with zeal and success. The last dates back to 19 march last for a sad news. His withdrawal from public life had been announced, but the mom-to-be was required to appear again to pay tribute to the 50 victims of the attacks of Christchurch, New Zealand.

From his side, Kate Middleton has always known of the early pregnancy delicate. The first pregnancy of the duchess of Cambridge (pregnant with prince George) had been announced in the special conditions. Suffering from violent nausea and vomiting, she had been hospitalized for three days. Same a difficult start to her second pregnancy official September 8, 2014. Speaker of the princess Charlotte, born on may 2, 2015, but unfortunately ill, the duchess of 37-year-old had been compelled tocancel a number of commitments, with a new time of nausea and vomiting. Kate Middleton has finally been a little longer spared to his last one, whenshe was pregnant of prince Louis, born on 23 April 2018. The wife William had secured more commitments at the beginning of her pregnancy, even appearing radiant.

Two pregnancies, two styles

Pregnant or not, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton are not on the same wavelength in regards to their look. The duchess u.s. wants to be more modern than the duchess English. And their pregnancies have only reinforced this observation.

Hardly her first pregnancy, she was officially recognized that Meghan Markle has chosen to put her belly in front. The first quarter just ended, the ex-star of Suits, caressed his baby bump that was growing slightly, a habit that has accompanied the son of the month. Often in a short dress, the wife of prince Harry was very quickly singled out the models close to the body, while Kate Middleton has always been very classic.

And if the belly of Meghan Markle is imposed between the fifth and the sixth pregnancy, the wife of prince William has always taken more time to draw. It is only at the end of the sixth month, at the beginning of the seventh, that her baby bumps were visible.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have one thing in common, that of having been supported by their spouse in this great adventure.