Meghan Markle mom : a look back on a pregnancy high-voltage

The two couples have had a nice get together at Christmas, showing broad smiles and glances, it was hard for the Fab Four to make up rumors. Finally, after long months of renovation, the Sussex have moved into their new home in April, just in time for the birth of their first child. A decision of independence, which would, in the end, the logical result for the prince Harry who at 34 years old, out of the shadow of its big brother. The queen has given her blessing to he founded his own royal house, with an administrative team dedicated to it, who is struggling to moderate the many trolls who attack Meghan Markle on the social networks.

A baby shower is a luxury

It is no surprise the United States that Meghan Markle celebrated her baby shower, custom must-in addition to-Atlantic, in finding his friends Amal Clooney, Serena Williams , and Abigail Spencer for a five-day vacation to New York, last February. But the details of this trip only reinforced her image as a diva : a round-trip by private jet to 220 000 euros, a feast prenatal organized in the large suite at the Mark Hotel (66 000 euros for the night), the michelin-starred chef French Jean-Georges Vongerichten in charge of the “buffet”, the harpist fame Erin Hill for the musical ambience… all In all, the getaway would have cost about 440 000 euros, which have been paid as staff, according to Kensington.

The festivities were extended on social media with the viral campaign #GlobalSussexBabyShower. A movement initiated by fans, picked up on the new account Instagram Meghan Markle and Harry, and who has raised many donations for the charities supported by the couple. What to bring on a more positive note, welcome to this royal birth.

Childbirth too modern ?

The least we can say is that Meghan Markle has shaken the traditions of the british royal family. American, mulatto, divorced, feminist, self-proclaimed… As many qualifiers that, there are still few, seemed to be in contradiction with the customs of Buckingham. Multiple rumors have surrounded the amazing preparations for the birth of the first child of the duchess : a home birth at Frogmore Cottage, for more privacy and comfort ? A birth at St Mary’s hospital in London, as Kate Middleton ? Only one thing has been confirmed by the young parents : they have chosen to celebrate this event privately, rather than presenting the baby to the press the day after his birth.

In the end, with a few days delay on the initial date, the duchess of Sussex gave birth to her little boy at around 5 am on Monday 6 may. A few hours later, at Windsor, not far from Frogmore Cottage, prince Harry has himself announced the happy news to the media claiming to be “incredibly proud of his wife“.