Meghan Markle : This star of X Factor that she longed to have before Harry

Meghan Markle would have exchanged several messages with a certain Matt Cardle, before you meet prince Harry. The duchess of Sussex and the former champion of X Factor have started to talk about on social networks two years after the divorce of Meghan, 2013. It came into contact with the singer in 2015, according to information from Sun.

According to a source, Matt Cardle and Meghan Markle have started their trade by tender compliments. “At the start, Matt has followed Meghan because he thought that she was very beautiful in the series Suits. He couldn’t believe it when she followed back, and when she sent him his first messages. She told him that she was quite a fan of his work“, we learn.

Clearly under the spell of the beautiful brown, Matt Cardle, Meghan Markle continue the conversation. “Matt couldn’t believe that a hollywood star like Meghan knows who he was, he was very flattered. They talked a little until Meghan suggested that they see,” adds the same source. Only, Matt “has met his girlfriend at the time and was told that it was inappropriate to continue to talk to him, then he finished by the ghoster,” he said.

Apparently, there was a connection between them, but the timing was bad. He has not responded to his last message, “says the same source. Matt Cardle is still in a relationship with the girl he had met at the time, Amber Hernaman, 28 years. As for Meghan Markle, she married just a year with prince Harry, and she hosted the may 6, 2019 adorable little Archie.