Met Gala 2019 : The striptease as Lady Gaga in lingerie on the red carpet

The Met Gala 2019 was held Monday, may 7. The great mass of the mode, organized by Anna Wintour in support of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was the theme of the Camp: Notes on fashion. Camp here refers to a sub-gay culture, a form of humour outrageous films of John Waters are the most beautiful examples. The public was therefore entitled to expect looks incredible and fun on the part of the guests. Lady Gaga, godmother of the dinner alongside Harry Styles, Serena Williams and Alessandro Michele, the artistic director of Gucci, has not disappointed with a strip tease unexpected.

Before arriving on the pink carpet clothes to the famous museum in new york, Lady Gaga is a party to walk a few streets away. Surrounded by dancers, the makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, and its own photographer, the star wore a huge pink dress of satin, specially created for her by Brandon Maxwell.

Once on the pink carpet, the star has started a funny strip-tease. After having been mitraillée in her pink dress, her dancers and Brandon Maxwell are beginning to withdraw. Below, Gaga wears a dress evening black to glamorous hollywood. She makes some steps and takes the time to ask again. The singer does not remain there and be defeated, this new outfit. Below, she wears a sheath rose very Marilyn Monroe in gentlemen prefer blondes (1953). The star pulls a small cart on which are cowboy hats roses (a nod to his last album Joanne), but also bottles of champagne, and the need for a makeover.

After this new round of track, Lady Gaga gets rid of her last dress. Here it is in tights and lingerie twinkling. The star lies on the steps of the museum. Around her, the photographers do not come back the little show that just offered the star. Sexy, playful and absolutely too much, Lady Gaga was perfectly in the theme !