Michel Cymes married to Nathalie : Why he was not wearing his alliance

Wednesday may 8, 2019, France 2 aired a new number It will not come out of here ! And Michel Cymes has revealed one of its secrets. In the course of the show, the comedian Melha Bedia has queried the doctor, and French surgeon specialising in ENT on his private life. The sister of Ramzy asked him if he was married. Michel Cymes has then shown that it was not alliance. “You don’t want to taste the flavours of the East ?“, joked the comedian of 27 years. Theacolyte of Adriana Karembeu , she has confessed that he was indeed married.

Curious, Melha Bedia asked him why he had no alliance. “I do not support. I reach an hour, and I could not stand to have something on the fingers. This is not practical when you look at the patients, after, the stuff can stay, “he answered. Statements that have a lot of fun on the set.

As a reminder, Michel Cymes is married to a woman named Nathalie. Together they had a boy born in 2011 (he has two other boys born of a previous union, who were born in 1997 and 1999). In an interview for Femme actuelle carried out in June 2017, the host of France 2 had recounted her marriage proposal somewhat missed : “I’m divorced, but I knew that this union had a feel for Nathalie. It had been years that we didn’t talk about it and I wanted to surprise him. But my request has turned into a fiasco ! Nathalie was so taped that instead of me saying ‘My love, it’s wonderful’, she said : ‘Uh, yeah.’ We eventually yelled : ‘Thank you for your response, it’s been years that I think about it and you tell me that !’

This did not stop the lovebirds to marry may 23, 2015. “We had asked our guests to dress in black and white with a small touch of red, and we’ve done the opposite, “he explained.