Michèle Torr leaves Jean Pierre Murzilli after 24 years of relationship

Michèle Torr embarked on another chapter of his life. A new history is reflected today by the release of a new album, I’m fine. This return has been motivated by a great change in the life of the singer : her separation with her husband of long standing, Jean-Pierre Murzilli. “Sometimes things push you around, you are rocking. I have been through a separation, and quickly, the urge to write has returned“, she explained to Nice-Matin, may 17, 2019.

It must be said that in 24 years of living, Michèle Torr and Jean Pierre Murzilli played the game of “I love you, moi non plus“. Married in 1995, only to separate two years later, before rabibocher a few years after, the two have experienced the most severe problems in 2010. The singer had filed a complaint against her husband for domestic violence. “The daily life scenes between Jean-Pierre and I are frequent, but the happiness is waiting for you, “said the interpreter of’Take me dancing tonight. At the time, she had found him an excuse. “Jean-Pierre takes medication for his leg, the fact suffer a lot. However, alcohol and drugs don’t make good bedfellows, and on this day he had drunk more than reason… I’ll try to forgive him. He has promised me that this would not be repeated“, said she, at the time, France Sunday.

After years, Michèle Torr has finally seen the true face of her ex-husband. “I was upset by a story I saw on the perverse, narcissistic, and by the route of the women who testified. I felt close to them“, she explains today Nice-Matin. We wish him all the best.