Microsoft has patented a controller that Samsung sensor 64 is compatible with the braille

The controller adaptive of Microsoft is already available.

This is a moment that Microsoft is making real efforts to make the video game more accessible. The Xbox One offers several options to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities. A few months ago, the firm had also an ingenious controller adaptive, which is supposed to greatly improve access to the game and the Windows environment 10 through programmable buttons and joysticks deported.

The World Intellectual Property Office has just published a patent filed by the company last year. The purpose of this is once again a great accessibility as it has a controller that is compatible with braille, the famous writing system touch for blind and partially sighted people.

Credits : WIPO

The design of the controller is quite similar to the device traditional, but there is evidence of the presence of a block (set back) features nine touch-sensitive areas and six pallets for writing in braille. It is also connected to a display capable of transcribing audio or text in this language. Ideal for deciphering the dialogue of a play or communicate with friends while mastering the braille.

Credits : WIPO

This last will work with the Xbox One, but also on PC and mobile. It is, of course, that a patent, but it shows that genuine efforts are being made in this direction. The video game can in fact be very beneficial to the people in situation of disability, both in terms of motor and social. It is therefore hoped that this device will be launched and will open the doors of this universe to a wider public.