Microsoft officially launches the version Canary of Edge for macOS

It’s officially official : Microsoft is making its big return on the macOS in the area of web browsers. If you have a feeling of déjà-vu, this is indeed the case : the versions Canary and Dev of Edge for Mac have been leaked at the beginning of the month. But the publisher still had’t announced anything official — it is now the case.

Microsoft therefore proposes on the page Edge Insider the version Canary, browser which carbide to Chromium. The update of the browser on a daily basis. The version in Dev (update weekly) is scheduled for very soon ; the leak a few days ago also made it possible to retrieve this version. The two versions can be used in parallel.

The Windows-based editor is present as a good citizen of the platform-macOS. Edge Canary offers the support mode dark of macOS Mojave, as well as that of the Touch Bar to move from one tab to another, or to display the controls of a video.

The touch gestures of mac os are also supported by the browser. Microsoft is strong adherence to the conventions of the Mac, for fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, etc Edge is will designate course at all, but the editor is particularly intended for developers, which is well aligned with its strategy (read : Microsoft : free for azurer the future).

Edge will in effect allow them to test their sites and web apps on the Mac, which is often the machine of choice. With the engine Chromium, basis open-source common to many browsers (including Chrome, of course), Microsoft provides developers with a consistency between all the platforms. Edge also supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which are designed to feel like home on macOS : install in the dock, switch apps, and in Spotlight.