Milla Jovovich tells her abortion “horrific” that occurred two years ago

For Milla Jovovich, now was the time for confessions. The star, the poster of Hellboy, has chosen to deliver with its 2.8 million subscribers on Instagram, may 14, to discuss the abortion to which she had recourse to two years ago. The actress of Resident Evil does not hide anything this time “atrocious“.

The star, 43-year-old has posted a very long message in response to the restrictions tougher and harder put in place in some places of the United States regarding the practice of abortion. Alabama has recently passed the bill the most restrictive in the country with a ban on almost total, even in cases of rape or incest, and the sentence for doctors performing ABORTIONS, with penalties ranging up to life in prison… A bill fought for by several stars, including actress Alyssa Milano. At the same time, the social network Twitter has also been shaken by the video of a woman, face hidden, to be escorted up to the last clinic practising abortion in Kentucky, while protestors were stationed all along the way !

Myself, I have had an abortion emergency

On his account, Milla Jovovich wrote : “I don’t like to do politics, and I try to do I do if I am forced and it is precisely the case today. If someone does not want to continue reading, I warned. Our rights, as women, to get the opportunity to perform the abortion in a secure manner by experienced doctors are once again attacked. (…) Abortion is already difficult enough from an emotional point of view for women who do not that they must, in addition, the risk of doing so under uncertain conditions and unhealthy. Myself, I have had an abortion emergency two years ago. I was 4 months pregnant and a half, I was shooting in eastern Europe. I lost the baby prematurely, and then I was told that I had to remain awake during the entire procedure.

I have the stomach returned

And the actress to pursue her confidence by not hiding nothing of the trauma that it represents, reminding us that this is never a choice made lightly by women. “It was one of my experiences the most excruciating of my life. I’m still nightmares. I was alone and without any help. When I think of the women could be to undergo abortion in conditions much worse than this because of the new laws, I have the stomach returned. I found myself in one of the most severe depressions of my life and I had to work hard to get out. I took the free time on my career. I was isolated for months and I’ve been forced to post a face strong for my two beautiful children [Ever Gabo, aged 10, and Dashial Nws, 3 years, editor’s NOTE]. Thank god, I was able to find a way out of this personal hell without me to turn to drugs, but the memory of what I experienced and what I have lost will be with me until the day of my death“, she adds.

Milla Jovovich, in a relationship with Paul William Scott Anderson, concluded not to be able to “remain silent” while “so many things are at stake“.