Mohamed (Koh-Lanta) eliminated : “I would have never came to the hands with Cyril”

Mohamed was removed from Koh-Lanta, the war of the chefs Friday, may 24, 2019 on TF1. During the episode, dad and entrepreneur has riled against Cyril, who has taken the decision not to bring its e-mail. A dispute that has marked the viewers… With Purepeople.comMohamed is explained and a book on his adventure.

How did you feel when you were eliminated ?
When Cyril pulls out his collar, I understand that I risk of from. And the moment I see my name on the first ballot, it’s confirmed. At the time, I realize that the adventure will end, inevitably, I am a little disappointed. I say to myself that I had my chances to go further. But at the same time, I remain proud of my adventure.

That reproach-you to Cyril, exactly ?
It really is relative to the mail that I wanted to eliminate it. I was very disappointed as you can see on the screen. I really thought having my letter. I also wanted to because I had reached out a few days previously for the save as well as Maud. It was part of my alliance and I accused him of not having been on my side. I would have preferred that he take the food for everyone, there would have been no frustration, no jealous and disappointed. Everyone would have been happy to have to eat.

Your reaction to the letter was rather unexpected. One has the impression that you are ready to come to blows… That happened in your head ?
No, not at all ! It was of nervousness. It spoke in every sense, it was unnerving. But to get to the hands, no no no. This is only a game. I think that I would have never arrived there with Cyril ! Today, I want most of all. It’s just that, at the time, I was disappointed because Steeve had said that if he had the opportunity to take his mail, he would give me instead of mine. And it was Cyril who said no, so it is against him that I had specifically. This is not because I was crying not every day that I missed my family that I missed. Unlike Nicolas, I kept it all inside. I have children at a young age, I missed my family a lot and I needed this post to walk peacefully in the rest of the adventure.

Did you know, however, that you were ranked poorly in the draw…
I was against this raffle from the beginning. And even if I did not receive my letter, Steeve would have been hers because it was ranked fourth. He said in front of everyone that he would take my mail rather than hers if he had the opportunity. So I left confident. If Steeve had not said that, I would not have been disappointed, I’d understand the draw.

Do you understand the position of Cyril which says always suffer the parents ?
I can design it, of course. Everyone has their priorities. My family is not more important than that of Cyril, this would not be correct to say that. But he had already had a phone call earlier and not me. It is long, and thirty days without news, he has not lived it.

Do you have any regrets ?
I did not regret the coup out of anger, I assume. My family is the center of my life, it’s my oxygen, my balance. It was a rant, justified to those who are dear to me, and if he had to do it again, I would do it again. Parents will be able to understand me.

I don’t have a regret

Have you had the opportunity to make your mea culpa ?
It is reviewed at the end of the adventure. We explained and we are both civilised people. Each understood the disappointment of the other, and it is essential. Cyril, I appreciate it a lot. He is friendly, cheerful… Everything is going well between us.

You lie, eyes in eyes to Cyril…
I excused myself from the group, it was general. I felt that the group did not have to go through that. It is only after this that we discussed in head-to-head. It was taken in the arms and that is all.

You have a dressing on the finger during the episode, what happened ?
I had a lot of small cuts with the proofs, the machete to cut the wood… It happened to thirty days of adventure, so the body began to let go. Nothing serious.

These last few episodes, Cindy is the queen of strategy. What do you think of his game ?
That’s the one we least expected and which is still there ! For me, this is the greatest strategist of this season. I enjoy it immensely, I take my hat off for his adventure. It assumes all of its strategies. I am proud of her, she plays the game very well. Koh-Lanta, it is also the strategy it should not be forgotten.

How was the return to reality ?
It is very complicated. Already, find her mobile phone at the end of fifty days… and I forgot my PIN code ! And arriving at the train station, I found my children and my wife. The Mohamed who keeps his feelings in tears. I cracked up, it was a difficult time.

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the lack of close relatives, the fatigue ?
I would say that it is a mixture of everything, but especially the hunger and the lack of loved ones. I have suffered from hunger. I had no comfort until the last episode. I am the only one who has lived for thirty days without any comfort. The hunger added to the fatigue, it gives access of anger as one could see. We all have flaws, nobody is perfect.

How was your arrival at the residence of the final jury ?
They were all surprised to see me. My name was never released to any board, I had a good capital sympathy. They were expecting to find Jimmy. But it went well ! They were supportive of my disappointment.

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