Mylène Farmer sensual with a beautiful brown for the clip Of the tears

This Friday, may 10, 2019, Mylène Farmer came back with tears, the fifth excerpt of Disobedience, his last album released in September 2018 and has already sold more than 230,000 copies – certified two-times platinum. The iconic singer’s 57-year-old, who has accustomed his fans to clips always highly worked, has appealed to the photographer and director Marcel Hartmann.

Mylène Farmer continues to expose in the universe dark, and this time, she is downright in an atmosphere in black and white. There is the star huddled with sensuality against a beautiful brown : Stanley Weber (Borgia, Outlander, Britannia…), son of Jacques Weber. It must be said that the singer is proclaiming his sorrow of being alone, and his joy to be in the arms of the one she loves. “Tears, tears, tears, what, what’s the good of living if you’re not there. I isolate me isolate me isolate“, she sings.

To note that the physical formats of vinyl and CD of this new single will come out on June 7th.

Mylène Farmer will be in concert from 7 to 22 June in Paris at La Defense Arena for nine dates. For the time being, it is known that the singer has appealed to the designer Jean Paul Gaultier for her stage costumes and his faithful ex-companion Laurent Boutonnat for the design of the show. According to the producer of the star, Thierry Suc, this show will be “really intransportable“: 150 people, 45 semi-trailers and 1800 handlers, here are some of the numbers crazy which announce the color !

No less than 320 000 spectators will applaud him. “I am happy, overjoyed, to know that they will join me soon. I have a lot of luck. I also work a lot. I love my job and I love doing it well. I can’t wait to be in June. I am zero in figures, the dizziness is not there. Rather, it is the issue, it is successful in this stage, succeed to communicate and to move, to give happiness I hope“, confided to it recently.

Thomas Montet