Nabilla and Thomas in love in Cannes : baby bump rounded since the Martinez

This could not have escaped the person, Nabilla is the 72nd Cannes film Festival. The starlet reality tv is not coming alone, but in the arms of her beloved Thomas, her mari and the father of a child who should be born within a few months. So it is with a pregnant belly, the star of 27 years has made its appearance on the beach Magnum, the may 16, 2019. Plunging neckline and baby bump, Nabilla had made a sensation in white dress.

It is wearing a different outfit that the former candidate of the Angels of reality tv was spotted from the balcony of his hotel, on 17 may 2019. Nabilla was wearing a trousers suit high waist with a black top and white original. A member of his staff was trying to clearly take a photo of it, since we see him take several shots from his balcony. It is finally a selfie captured from a toilet that Nabilla will publish on its Story Instagram. “Photos of bathroom are always the best, “she informed.

We imagine that the Cannes film Festival must be particularly stressful for the mom-to-be. She wrote the beginning of may in 2019, his everyday life not always glamorous as a pregnant woman. “It became a little ritual : I wake up, I eat, I vomit and I remange. I’m trying to put into perspective. Sometimes I am sad, I cry, I ask myself lots of questions, but it is like that“, she said. Lately, these are the buttons that covered the body and the face of the pretty brunette. “I’ve been everywhere, really everywhere : back, face… I can’t do anything, that’s cool just before Cannes. It hurts, it burns, it scratches… It sucks“, she entrusted.