Nabilla pregnant : maxi neckline without a bra, sexy London !

Who said that you couldn’t be stylish when you’re pregnant ? Surely notNabilla , which proves once again that pregnancy can rhyme with glamorous.

Recently Nabilla entrusted to suffer some inconvenience during her pregnancy. Mood swings, excessive fatigue, she explained also suffer from acne : “I think it is the hormones. I’ve been everywhere, really everywhere : back, face…” For all that, the pretty brunette did not forget his status influenceuse mode.

It unfolds as well with a dress ultra sexy white brand Choosy. Associated with shoes white, this dress highlights the silhouette of the beautiful Nabilla. To accompany this look, she chooses a hand bag Hermes red and make up her lips with a lipstick of the same shade. A real pro ! Nothing to say, Nabilla knows how to sublimate the collection make-up Nab Cosmetics that she has imagined.

However, two details that shock the fans. First, some people are surprised to no longer see her baby bump : “We do not see that you’re pregnant”, “But where is the baby in this photo ??????”,”your stomach has disappeared.” Other details, this plunging neckline which seems not to be unanimity among its fans. Nabilla has disregarded her bra and reveals her chest without any complex. True to herself, Nabilla does not pay attention to these comments and just to wish “Happy women ❤️ Good weekend to all“.

For the interested, Nabilla has created a capsule collection in collaboration with brand Missguided available on