NASA : The mission, which will send the first woman on the moon bears his name

It is not the only March in life ! If the journey to the red planet is not yet for tomorrow, NASA has the intention of returning to do a tour to the moon. The administration Trump has also announced that a trip to our satellite would take place in the coming five years. Since the famous date of July 21, 1969, 12 american men have walked on the moon.

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator, recently spoke on the topic, and seems very enthusiastic about sending a woman (it will normally be accompanied by a man in the shuttle) on the moon.

He also confirmed that the program would be called Artemis, in reference to the Greek goddess of the Moon, herself the sister of Apollo (Apollo in English, which refers to the first lunar programme american.

“The first woman to be an American to the surface of the moon in five years […] I think it is very beautiful that 50 years after Apollo, the program Artemis carries over to the next man and the first woman on the Moon

This is a strong signal, which tends to highlight the contribution of women in the aerospace field, and to encourage others to choose this path of excellence.

“I have an 11 year old daughter and I want her to be able to see themselves in the same role as the next women who will go on the Moon (via The Verge) “

As always with this kind of projects, the funds can quickly be missed. It is for this reason that Bridenstine noted that the agency needed an additional $ 1.6 billion compared to the budget initially planned. The mission Artemis may be less ambitious than the one to Mars, it will nevertheless require the development of new hardware solutions, but also new modules from the moon.