Netflix : The best movies and series horror to watch at the moment

Netflix offers a wide catalogue of films and series horror, but the works that compose it do not stay still indefinitely on the platform. A situation that can be annoying as it forces to have to hurry in order to see which ones are of interest to us. If the content of the French version is unfortunately still far from equaling that of our american friends, an effort has been made, and several excellent films have since been added. This small selection of feature film and series should help you to save time. So turn off the light, turn up the volume and prepare for a plaid or an arm which you hang.

Shining is part of the long list of masterpieces signed by Stanley Kubrick. One would have thought that with time, her unique film angst/horror would have lost its luster. Yet, it is nothing. The british engineers offer to Jack Nicholson in a role as iconic as this last will be great. Nearly forty years after its release, the crisis of madness of Jack Torrance, the caretaker of a closed hotel for the winter, continues to give us a great thrill. A (bad ?) dream of a film buff.

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Well prior to the beginning of the flood zombie that lasts for a good ten years, 28 days later has put a good shot in the anthill. We discover the story relatively simple with an epidemic that has spun out of control, and transforming the population into bloodthirsty zombies.

Behind a staged modest, but incredibly effective, Danny Boyle achieves here one of the best representatives of the genre for a long time. In particular, it can rely on an excellent Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders), barely 25 years old at the time. And then, see the city of London completely empty, it’s always something.

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Although his directing, and his screenplay (eyeing Amityville) are more classic, James Wan has directed the best horror movie of 2013 with the Conjuring. The opportunity to discover the work of the (real) husband Warren, ghost hunters, in their case the most famous. The success of the latter has been such that it has allowed the development of a truly expanded universe, in particular composed of significantly less good Nun and Annabelle.

The director operates a genuine return to the sources, and delivers a film sober, which plays with the viewer’s imagination throughout his first part. A film “to the” old, which shows that it is in the old pots that one makes the best soups.

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The career of Tim Burton is paved with success, but Sleepy Hollow : the legend of the headless horseman is probably one of his best films. This work gothic compiles all the know-how of the american and gives life to the new namesake for Washington Irving.

Johnny Deep plays a police inspector deliciously phlegmatic, whose purpose is to solve a series of murders committed in 1799. The staging, enhanced by the score of Danny Elfman, mixing constantly nightmare and fairy tale, and evokes the existential question of the search for our origins.

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The found footage is a genre of its own in the horror movie, which you had talked about in a folder published in 2016. If the latter was really out of breath for the past few years, especially after the release of [REC] and Paranormal Activity, Creep has given a nice boost.

We discover the story of a cameraman who travels to a remote mountain for a well paid job. Little by little he was beginning to doubt the real intentions of his employer. The film constantly blowing hot and cold, and is based entirely on Mark Duplass, his lead actor, who delivers an excellent performance. It was the impression of watching a documentary that goes wrong. Very badly.

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With Hostel, Eli Roth has managed to deliver one of the horror movies of the highlights of the second part of the 2000s. Three students left to take advantage of the charms of the eastern countries decide to go to a small village in Slovakia, that was sold as a paradise for men. Once there, he took the opportunity some day, but one of them disappears, then a second. The latter is abducted and finds herself trapped in a terrifying place. He will discover a business that exceeds his imagination.

Behind the tinsel gritty of a buddy movie rather insignificant, Hostel turns out to be a satire creaking of sex tourism, you agree to scenes of ultra-gore that had at the time créént the controversy. Malin, Eli.

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Mister Babadook looks the same to the dozen or so horror films are generic, which feed the cinema halls every year. However, Jennifer Kent takes us to the reverse with a feature film, much thinner than it seems. It follows the peregrinations of a mother caught between a work tiring, and the desire to give the best possible education to his son since the death of her father.

So when the latter explains to him that a bogeyman is prowling around the house, she raises issues about her mental health. But as strange events occur, she decides to trust him. They will not be too much of both to confront this threat. Worn by Essie Davis very convincing, this allegorical fairy tale explores themes of grief and motherhood in a new light, and truly original. A very good surprise.

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Calvary is probably one of the film’s most unusual of this selection, and won’t appeal necessarily to the whole world. This ufo belgian, tells the story of Marc, a singer, an itinerant lost in the countryside and taken in by an innkeeper widower and psychologically fragile. The latter, which sees in him the reincarnation of his wife, decides not to let them go, and will employ all possible means to ensure that it remains close to him.

Inspired by the texas chainsaw Massacre, the Irreversible or Deliverance, Fabrice du Welz turns abruptly his film in a survival as absurd as the ultra-violent, and injected a side of country – (or even franchouillard) confusing to this hell.

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The platform also offers a slew of series horrific. But as you might expect, their quality is uneven. Here are two that stand out clearly in the lot.

Freely adapted from “The Haunted House”, a successful novel by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best exclusives of the platform. During ten episodes of about an hour, Mike Flanagan (Ouija : The origins) immerses us in the daily torment of five children, Crain, upset by the death of their mother.

In order to engage in a collective mourning, they decide to return to the mansion where they grew up once. But the mansion seems to be haunted by spirits who have not finished with them . These could well hold the secret of what truly happened the day of the famous disappearance. The staging perfectly streamlined Flanagan reserve, a few serious moments of fright, but we especially appreciate the finesse of the writing, which adds a real thickness to the characters. All good.

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It seems very difficult not to quote American Horror Story in this list. The series may be in its eighth season (only seven are available on the platform), it brings together many of the faithful. The seasons are not of equal quality, but always reserve a few delicious moments of terror.

A few years ago, director Ryan Murphy has managed to create an anthology bringing together the major figures of horror, from ghosts to saucières, without forgetting the clowns or asylums and the insane. The strength of the show lies in its constant research of aesthetics (inspired by the masterpieces of the genre), his direction of actors and its atmosphere that oscillates between violence, sex and supernatural. To say that the producers of Glee that we have laid it !