Nicholas Brendon (Buffy), alcoholic : indicted for “domestic violence”

The unforgettable Alexander Harris Buffy the vampire slayer, is in turmoil. Actor Nicholas Brendon has been charged for “domestic violence”, according to the information of According to the documents of the trial, that our fellow americans have been able to see, the actor’s 48-year-old should appear for facts of “bodily harm”, which are punished to four years in prison. A trial is expected to open shortly.

The prosecutor also referred to the judge his intention to present additional evidence at trial, dating back to 2015. Then he was expected at a convention of pop culture, the police had found in a drunken state advanced in his hotel room completely devastated. Earlier in the day, the employees of the establishment had been seen drinking and taking drugs. A month ago, drunk, he had destroyed a hotel room and refused to pay the bill. At that time, he had been arrested four times in eight months. His past as an alcoholic (a bit violent) could play tricks at his trial.

The facts which are now alleged date of October 2017. reported that the police were seen to assault his girlfriend while he was drunk, in a bar in Palm Springs (California, Usa), taking her violently by the hair after it is gripped by the arm.

This assault had taken place when, two years earlier, he was a umpteenth time in a detox centre in the hope to cure his alcoholism. “These past three years have been terribly difficult for me, I missed my suicide attempts. I just want to live, love and be happy“, he said at the time of hospitalization.