Nick Foles : the wife of The quarterback reveals her miscarriage

In just a few hours, nearly twenty thousand people had put a small heart on the publication’s Instagram Tori Foles, for him to show their support and pay tribute to his courage : wife since 2014 Nick Foles, one of the stars of the NFL (quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars after winning the Super Bowl LII and the title of the best player with the Philadelphia Eagles), the young woman revealed on may 30, 2019 to have a miscarriage, in a very detailed account that her husband has shared via its own story.

Mom of a baby Lily is born in 2017 and which appears in the arms of his dad in the photograph accompanying the long text, Tori was 15 weeks pregnant. “Early Sunday morning (may 26), after a few days of battle against a kind of virus, I am suddenly coming into work and I knew something was wrong, she says. Shortly after, I learned that we had miscarried and we had lost our little boy. Give birth to the end, giving birth to our little boy and to even see it was an ordeal devastating. It was eventually discovered that I had contracted an infection caused by pneumonia. The emotions come and go, of an immense sadness that overwhelms us, the confusion and the anger at the belief that it is in the hands of God and that It is for the better. We have had to face trials unique until now, as a couple, but we didn’t know what it feels like to face something like that ; now, we know that. We have the utmost compassion for all those who have faced a miscarriage, regardless of the time and the circumstances.

We left the hospital and are finally back to the house, where one recovers physically from the infection and emotionally from this loss traumatic. It’s going to take time, “says Tori Foles.

Nick Foles, who signed in march 2019 and a contract of four years and 88 million dollars for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was relieved this week of training “for personal reasons”. We now know why…