Nike wants to use the augmented reality for you to choose the right size of basketball

Credit : Nike

It is one thing to prepare for a trip to Mars or have cars that drive themselves, one is always annoyed when it is necessary to choose a right size of shoe. This is even more the case for the sneakers given that the trademark cut more or less large. In addition, the foot swells during exercise, which may change in the event of a sporting activity.

Nike, which as everyone knows, shoe horn small, has the intention of solving this problem. The firm will soon add the option Nike Made its official application. This program will allow you to know precisely the length (and width) of your toes. According to its latest press release, more than 60% of people are wearing the wrong size of sneakers. The experience can be altered… which makes the bad pub to the mark.

Point on the foot for scanner

You simply open the application and go to the page of a product. There, next to the different sizes available, you will see a new option to measure your feet. This will activate the photo sensor of your smartphone and you will be asked to stand straight against a wall. You will then need to point the smartphone to the latter so that they can scan them.

Thirteen areas of the foot are analyzed in order to know the length, the thickness or the unevenness of your case. The entire process lasts less than a minute and the calculations are done in millimeter. It is even possible to know the differences between your left foot or right (which is quite common). The application then gives you your ideal size for the basket selected.

Credits : Nike

Other helpful info are available. You can read ” You made the 44 “ , but also ” this model fits a little small “ or ” 80% of people that has the same size foot have chosen this size “. To reassure you before buying.

This option will be available in the month of July for the Americans, but it should also arrive in Europe later this summer.