Nilda Fernández : the Death of the singer franco-Spanish 61-year-old

The singer franco-Spanish Nilda Fernández, who have had songs Our engagement, and Madrid Madrid, died Sunday, may 19, of heart failure in the South of France, at the age of 61 years, announced his family to the AFP.

Author, composer, interpreter, Nilda has devoted his entire life to the creation. Musician, writer, he stood up in the depths of his being, the figure of the artist, “said his family in a press release.

Born in Barcelona, he grew up in Lyon and travel with his guitar, “playing in bars, clubs and other small venues, the chance encounters and opportunities“, according to its website. In 1981, he recorded his first album. After a six-year expulsion – a period during which he made “jobs” unrelated to the music – Nilda Fernandez returned in 1987 with Madrid Madrid, which was a success.

In 1991, following the album Nilda Fernandez, with the title of Our engagement. The following year the singer, with that voice which is so distinctive, high pitched and fragile, is a sacred Revelation of male to the Victories of the music. He also plays in the first part of Sting in Paris, in front of 15.000 people.

The singer records in 1993, a Spanish-language album, 500 years, and toured in the USA, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

In the 1990s, he toured in a caravan for two months between Barcelona and Paris. In 2001, he went to Russia, where he remained five years, and recorded duets with the Russian singer Boris Moïsseev. He staged several shows in Cuba, or even Carmen of Bizet, at the théâtre antique in Vienne (Isère) in 2010. He continues to produce albums.

Nilda Fernandez had decided to get out of the universe of the record companies and the marketing of his albums via his website.

All our condolences to his loved ones.