NLP is accused of plagiarism for the tube “DD” : “author ” copied” reacts !

77 million views. This is the number of views galore ofThe DD, one of the many tubes of the last album of NLP, Two Brothers. This clip of huge means, just shot to the top of the Eiffel tower, has been viewed more than 7.5 million times in 24 hours. Same thing for the streaming. The next day of its release, march 23, 2019, The DD has been listened to more than 12 million times on Deezer, smashing the record as the most streamé in 24 hours. A piece marked by an instrumental unlikely to be the guitar, that their going to end very well.

Some users have, however, found a instrumental very “IBD”, which is present on a song of flamenco called Amber in Bloom of an australian artist named Luke Gartner-Brereton. It must be said that the prod’ are really very similar, to a point almost disturbing. Anyway, plagiarism is absolutely not proven. In fact, even if the song of this artist of flamenco has been published on YouTube in 2017, this does not mean thatThe DD has not been composed before. The fans know it, Ademo and N. O. S working on the Two Brothers since the release of their second album, In the legend, as had been seen on the accounts Snapchat of the two artists.

Royalty free music

In addition, the melody ofThe DD has been composed by Nk.F x Joa [TrackBastardz] (Nicolas Feve), as it is mentioned in the credits of the title. If plagiarism there are, the “fault” would this beatmaker, who also composed the excellent Two Brothers, Dreams of Damso and OrelSan, or even the sublime Butterfly – S-Pri Noir. If the inspiration of the piece is proven by expert musicologists, as is the case when a procedure is initiated, then NLP is exposed to having to pay damages.

Luke Gartner-Brereton, the author of the song of flamenco, responded on Facebook, not taking the history seriously, and rejoicing in the success of his song. “For those of you interested, yes, part of my work has been used in the last title of NLP and they have not stolen. In fact, I do royalty free music and loops for music software. The Amber in bloom is one of them. Therefore NLP (or beatmaker) has the right to use it in their music. I shall receive no royalties for this music, but it’s great to see something that I created listened to anywhere in the world !“, he explained on Facebook. So plagiarism or not ? We let you judges.

Oriane Alcarini