Nreal Light : reality glasses mixed light and affordable, but not without constraints

Big, bulky and expensive : this is the portrait type, that you could brush devices of mixed reality that are currently available on the market. The HoloLens from Microsoft is charged for 3 500 $, the “glasses” Magic Leap cost 2 $ 300, and you would have to pay $ 1,000 for Google Glass 2. Not only is the portfolio takes a hit, but the look also…

Nreal has every intention of shoving this burgeoning market. The chinese manufacturer, founded in Beijing in 2017 launches marketing Nreal Light, glasses lightweight (88 grams) design with not too much extra-terrestrial. The product is presented as sunglasses a little oversized, from afar it may be illusion.

Nreal Light of more up-close and true. @Sarah Hill.

In the lunettes there are two small laser projectors 1080p 60 i/s, with a field of view of 52° — this is similar to the HoloLens. The motion detection is done on 6 degrees. The glasses are not completely autonomous : it is necessary to connect to a pebble in USB-C, that you can wear around the neck (its weight is 170 grams). The gadget, which runs on Android, carries a chip Snapdragon 845. A wireless controller with touch-sensitive surface.

It is also possible to connect a smartphone to the glasses, in which case it replaces the tension-the brain and the controller. Nreal is going to market a consumer version of the device at a price of $ 499, with availability in limited quantities by the end of the year. But starting in September, developers will be able to receive a kit for the price of 1 for $ 199. From what we understand, only the SDK includes the controller and the block processor, which probably explains the price.

The applications, it is the sinews of war for Nreal, which promises the SDK that is announced as multi-platform and simplifying the creation of apps. As always with this type of product, its potential success is like putting the equation “of the egg or the hen” : without apps, the product won’t sell ; if it doesn’t sell, nobody will develop apps…