Overview and initial tests of the iPod touch 7G

Surprise ! A few days before the WWDC, Apple introduces a new iMac Pro iPod touch. Finally, when we say ” new “, it is necessary to understand ” unchanged, except on one point, which will be fully compatible with future versions of iOS. “ With the exception of the processor in effect, this iPod touch 7G is identical to the iPod touch 6G.

iPod touch 7G.

You were expecting better ? You can understand : even if the digital music players no longer have the wind in their sails, the idea of an iPod touch in the form of iPhone XR without cellular modem, full of songs from Apple’s Music, remains seductive. Las, it is necessary to take out the magnifying glass to distinguish this ” new ” iPod touch of the old, shell-bearing now the number A2178.

The plastic box of the iPod touch 7G. There you will find, in addition to the portable media player, a cable Lightning and a pair of headphones EarPods wired.

The changes are so minor that the player is supplied in a box of transparent plastic which feels good to the mid-2000s. Apple could have done better, but the heart is probably not. The iPod touch is no longer a door of entrance in the ecosystem iOS : toddlers recover now the iPhone through the hands of their parents and their big sister.

The first iPod and the last (?) iPod touch.

The iPod touch still has a certain degree of success, confided recently in a commercial framework from Apple, but from businesses. This is an audio guide, a remote control, a mobile pos (including at Apple), a reader… in Short, it is a screen that can display iOS apps, the price of which has increased by 10 €.

To the left, an iPod touch fourth generation with 8gb of storage. To the right, the new iPod touch, seventh-generation, who can take on board up to 256 Gb of storage.

The new processor is not really new, since it is the good old A10 Fusion, as found in the iPhone 7 and iPad 6. Worst : this is a variant sub-timed, which runs at 1.6 GHz rather than 2.3 GHz, and therefore offers lower performance. And to say thatthere was a time where the iPod touch was faster than the iPhone which it derived !

This is all the more surprising that all the communication of Apple revolves around games, the use of FaceTime in a group, and augmented reality, some of the uses are more intensive than can be done from an iOS device. We’ll spend the next few days to experience the iPod touch, and will post our conclusions after the WWDC.