Paris Jackson : Suicide of his assailant, the actor Isaac Kappy

At the age of 42, the actor Isaac Kappy, committed suicide. It is thrown from the top of a bridge after having abandoned his car on Interstate 40 in Arizona. He had entered the light in the media after being accused of assault on Paris Jackson at a dinner party which occurred in August 2018.

The security services of the State of Arizona have confirmed to the media that the man seen by motorists at a time when it rushed into the void from a bridge near the town of Bellemont, was the actor Isaac Kappy. The deceased was voluntarily removed from the road as he drove on the bridge Transwestern Road to reach Interstate 40, where he was struck by a Ford truck. After planting his car on the scene, he went up to the barriers of the bridge and, although passers-by have tried to prevent him from jumping, he was thrown into the empty…

As the tells TMZ, Isaac Kappy had posted an alarming message that a little earlier on Instagram. “See the light in others… I learned this lesson I was learned too late but, perhaps, it may inspire you. I’m going to use the rest of my time on Earth to atone for my transgressions and seek the light in others and in myself. (…) To all the people that I have manipulated in an abusive manner, I’m really, really sorry. To my old friends that I have betrayed, and of which I have abused, I am sorry. (…) I ran out of gratitude, humility, duty, and solidarity with others,” he writes.

The actor, who has held minor roles in Thor, Terminator Salvation and Beerfest, was also held about unrelated on the president, Donald Trump, Jesus, or Hollywood. Isaac Kappy had revealed the alleged existence of a network of pedophilia in Hollywood. The actor had mentioned in particular the actor Seth Green, his wife Clare Grant and director Steven Spielberg among the members of this so-called criminal ring.

Thomas Montet